Lollipop Dream is proud to present a well-experienced and well-rounded staff for all parties and events. Read below to meet our lovely and talented staff -- we are sure you will love them as much as we do!


From lef to right: Kelsey, Gina, Paige


GINA: Story time, Character, Party Hostess, Art Teacher

Gina has been working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. She has appeared on many TV shows including Disney's "Hannah Montana" and Nickelodeon's "Just Jordan". After working as a camp counselor over the summer, she realized her love of working with children. She joined Lollipop Dream in early 2012 and quickly found her place on the team with her loving, silly, and energetic personality. From "Story Time" with puppets to tea parties and play dates, Gina can do it all. Not to mention her highly requested storybook characters, for which she never breaks character and always has a blast performing! Gina has a passion for art that shows in her wonderful face painting and creative art projects. Children of all ages will love hanging out with her. Come down to Lollipop Dream and say hello!

PRINCESS: Character/Princess, Party Hostess

Princess joined our team a little over 2 years ago, and is among our more experienced hosts and party characters. She has a friendly, joyful personality that parents love and children gravitate towards. Princess is a recent graduate student from nursing school and is a practicing doula, yet she still finds time to create magic with us for birthdays and special events. She believes every child is a little "Princess/Prince" and enjoys working our happy hour events where she is very interactive with the little ones. We love having her apart of our team and she loves helping Lollipop Dream celebrate and create fun activities with your children.


CHRIS: Iagination & Story Time host

Chris’  remarkable  vocal  talent and warm, engaging personality has, for over three decades, won the trust and respect of many in the voice over industry. Besides  a  lengthy  list  of  T.V. and radio commercials, Chris has  enjoyed a long and treasured relationship with many toy manufacturers including Mattel, Sony Milton Bradley, Fisher Price, and Hasbro. Chris' voice has appeared  in over 100 talking games, dolls and educational toys, and  has guided two decades of children through their earliest years of reading, writing, math, science, geography, and art. Kids have learned everything  from how to speak, spell, add, and subtract, to what animals hop, swim, slither, and fly - ALL while Chris' cheerful, energetic voice has guided, challenged, encouraged and praised them for a job well done.

One of Chris' proudest achievements was her twelve-year relationship with Mattel Toys where she earned the title, “Longest-running voice of  Barbie.”  In the early nineties when Mattel was designing their first “no-strings-attached” talking Barbie, Mattel chose Chris to be their icon's voice. Starting with Mattel’s 1994  Super Talk Barbie, Chris lent her talents to such talking Barbie products as: Teacher Barbie, Spanish-speaking Barbie,  Working-Woman Barbie, and Dentist Barbie. Chris' voice can also be heard in Barbie’s talking Hotel, Cash Register, Kitchen, Lap Top, Jeep, Trike and Camera, as well as dozens of Barbie CD ROM titles such as: Super Sports Barbie, Pet Rescue, Fashion Designer, Barbie Detective, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Bride, Genie Barbie, Ocean Discovery, Magic Hair Styler, and Barbie Riding Club. For the past 26 years, Chris has also hosted the hugely popular children's radio drama entitled Adventures in Odyssey. Weekly, on over 2,000  radio stations, Chris welcomes two million U.S. and Canadian fans, as she introduces them to another episode of "Adventures in Odyssey!"

Come Visit Chris on Tuesdays and Fridays for Imagination and Story Time!



Bios for the rest of our staff are coming soon!






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